Microneedling Treatment Healed My Deep Pitted Chickenpox Scars in Less than a Month

This common childhood virus that has left dark marks and deep pitted scars on my face a month ago is something that I would talk about endlessly. Because it just didn’t gave me a restless time to think & research about products that would heal the scars faster, but it really intensifies my pre-existing anxiety. Not to mention that it has also dragged my self-confidence to the lowest. I know I had to something about it immediately.

Chickenpox scars, especially the deep sunken ones, are honestly difficult to fade. But there are derma treatments that can minimize the appearance of these marks. This treatment can be costly but they are one of the most effective. Although, what works for one person might not work for another. Still, I guess there’s nothing wrong in considering this treatment if you’re like me who’s desperately wanting to have a clear skin again. The treatment I’m talking about is Microneedling.

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Why You Should Invest More in Skincare Than Makeup

There are two kinds of people in this world. Some prefer to use makeup to cover up all their skin problems and some prefer to spend on skincare products for a smooth canvas for their makeup. I used to walk around in makeup stores on the hunt for a better foundation or concealer. I’d lather anything on my skin in hopes to look more clear and radiant. Yet each time, I found myself only being satisfied with the product for a short time. Where is this magic product that is going to change my skin? I always thought to myself why I would always depend on cosmetics to look great on photos. And then when I started to give importance to my skin, I realized, having healthy and beautiful skin is a great element to achieve that perfect selfie.

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