Overcoming My Emotional Stress and Post-Viral Anxiety After Severe Chickenpox Infection

It has been over a month now since I had a chickenpox viral infection. It was a severe case and for adults like me, it can lead to death because of possible complications. Thank God, it wasn’t that crucial. But every time I look into the mirror, the scars are reminders of how terrible the infection was–that it has almost drowned me into the depth of depression.

Sounds like I’m over exaggerating this but it was seriously the worst days of my life and until now, I feel like I am still living on that moment because I really never expected for this to happen. And I don’t know when will I ever get over it.

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10 Little Moments and Things in My Life That Make Me Genuinely Happy

It’s raining today and I’m having a hot coffee as I’m swaying back and forth on my dad’s rocking chair with my eyes close while contemplating about my life. And it feels amazing how this moment simply gives me so much happiness. So, I thought of sharing to you little moments like this that make my life worth living because of the bliss it gives me.

But you know what…

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Things I Have Learned as Executive Assistant and Why It is A Rewarding Carreer

I’m a former Executive Secretary to the Executive Vice President– and he was just recently promoted as President, I’m so proud– of one of the respective college in my hometown. I know it’s a huge deal, even most people say so, and I wish I could’ve cherished every moment of my stay there. On my defense, I really do love that company– I love what I do especially working with my boss.

That’s why on this post, I want to share my thoughts on the things that I have learned and why I believe that being an Executive Assistant is a rewarding career for me.

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How Djing Has Made Me Focus On My Life Priorities

I am taking my time off from this industry even though I’ve been in it for less than a year. It’s not much of an experience. Some people would probably say that I’m still on the tip of an iceberg I haven’t seen the entirety of it yet. Yes that’s true, but hey, just like life, DJing has its own seasons that come and go. If you aren’t doing this full-time, your family, your career, and other stuff will take precedence and that’s okay. And in my case, it’s perfectly okay! 🙂

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Seeing Lambigit Festival Through the Eyes and Heart of a Lambigit Queen

There are so many things that make Dipolog a pretty rockin’ city; from the unbeatable food to the amazing people, and let’s not forget about the rich culture inside and outside the city. One of the things that helps to set this place apart, however, is the overwhelming amount of festivals that are held to celebrate its people, culture, and commodities. Lambigit Festival is one of them.

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