January 2020 Favorites

Is it just me or January felt like a whole damn year? Aaaaa! So many things happened and I honestly feel like we’re just actually starting 2020. It’s the start of another decade and I want to do something different for my blog. I am finally doing the widely-known blog series called Monthly Favorites. If I’d be totally honest, I am pretty skeptical about this series because I totally suck in being consistent when it comes to posting. But of course, I’ll take this as a challenge

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Here's What Went Down In 2019

Hello! I know it’s been a long time since my last blog. I don’t even know how to start this nor even remember how to write anymore, but I truly missed this. Whoa okay, so I took a break and step back from social media and stopped blogging in the last quarter of 2019 because I feel like I got suffocated by my own goals and deadlines of all the things that I wanted to do. My checklist were getting longer and it’s just starting to get crazy for me. While I was away, I spent more time with my family and my boyfriend. I have also tried to learn new things. And it was really fun! 🙂

I just thought that it’s not too late for me to look back on some moments last year before telling new stories on my blog and going on a new adventures in the start of a new decade. So here’s a few out of so many things that went down in 2019. Besides, everything– small or big, are worth celebrating.

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A Quick Update of a Busy Freelancer

Hey there! I had been really busy for the last couple of weeks which kept me away from writing anything. A lot of things has happened ever since the month of August has started and I am beyond blessed and grateful for all of it. I think it was about time to dive a bit deeper into what I’ve been up to. I am excited to be spilling to you all the wonderful events that I have attended and some freelancing job that I do which keeps me a bit busy.

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My Book Collection and A Peek of my Favorites

As I was about to sleep last night, I happened to look past at my bookshelf and thought of maybe sharing this small, but incredibly good books that I have read over the years. I will also give you a bit of backstory of how I got them and a peek of my favorites.

I kind of started this reading habit around 7 years ago. Since I was a lazy student, I don’t really read academic books because well, studying isn’t just my thing. LOL! That’s why I’m surprised that I have grown to read books after reading my first few novels. Sadly, I now realized that almost half of my collection weren’t here anymore. There are lots of unreturned and misplaced books. But still, I hope you would take a look at this few but loved collection I am left with.

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