You just can’t get enough with heritage-driven dishes at Cristobal Casa Cosina

Dipolog is becoming a food city — you can find cuisines, crafty and old-fashioned cafes around the metro. And from the cheapest pizza slices to expensive meals with an exceptional customer service, it also has food to cover your tight budget.

Where to eat next? Cristobal Casa Cosina is the newest gastronomic place in the city. They serve delightful food. From appetizers to meal platters worth-drooling at, and most dishes aren’t so foreign to you because it has a pinoy taste on it. It tastes like home that keeps you coming back. The place looks classy with a very nice ambiance. Not to mention that it’s Instagram-worthy, too. It’s a must-dine when you’re in Dipolog City.

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Get lost in the wonderland at Chapters Book Café

If you love to read books, then people, this is the best nook book in the Orchid City. The place has, by far, the most artractive, has the most enchanting colorful designs and decorations, and probably one of the most instagram-worthy cafe in the city. It will bring you into a new world where you can escape reality for a while and be like Alice who fell into the deep hole going to the wonderland. This place is like a dream — a one of a kind here in the Orchid City. It should be in everyone’s checklist especially if you’re a bibliophile, you must go here.

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