With a personality as powerful as her face, she’s fiercely independent. 

She is known as Misskhae in the online community — a lifestyle blogger, former freelance model and a DJ. But she’s Kim Santiago behind her computer screen and when the spotlight is off– a former Executive Assistant in the corporate world and a freelance graphic artist.

Both of her enjoys traveling and she spends most of her free time watching anime, blogging, bullet journaling, reading novel books, and exploring playlist. She’s also a fur mom of a 2-year old poochin named Mori and an ldr girlfriend.

I have simply found my place in the world and I’m occupying it happily. I am not competitive to others because the thought of competition stresses me out, but I always compete with myself and that’s okay because it’s my way of learning and growing up. Also, I just like going at my own pace with the people that matter.

I have been a Tumblr blogger since 2012– just writing random thoughts online and hiding from the real world. It became my sanctuary for the longest time. I have found comfort there but it was also my motivation to create a blog that I could share to everyone. Thus, Urbanchix was then born. It was created early 2017 to share contents curated from my personal interests, events, and beauty discoveries in my life. It is where I wanted to keep photographs and write stories about my once in a while adventures, gastronomic wanders, random musings, and just everything under the sun. 

For projects, sponsorships, collaborations, events, and a lot more, you may reach me at misskimsantiago@gmail.com

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