January 2020 Favorites

Is it just me or January felt like a whole damn year? Aaaaa! So many things happened and I honestly feel like we’re just actually starting 2020. It’s the start of another decade and I want to do something different for my blog. I am finally doing the widely-known blog series called Monthly Favorites. If I’d be totally honest, I am pretty skeptical about this series because I totally suck in being consistent when it comes to posting. But of course, I’ll take this as a challenge

As how this series is known to the majority of lifestyle bloggers, it’s going to be a random favorites whether it’s the products I’ve purchased, stuff used, book read, events that I went to, movies & entertainment or maybe some life highlights. I don’t know…just basically a quick review of my favorites every month. Whatever I can share, I’d like to share it with you.

So, here’s for January 2020.

My family and friends know me that even having a blog, I’m still a fan of pen and paper writing that’s why I got myself a new Limelight’s 366 Days Planner. Journals are probably always going to be on the top of my list of favorites every January. But what’s special about this though is because it’s yellow. That’s just it! Because it’s the very first time that I didn’t get the neutral colored ones. I’ve never liked bright colors, so it’s crazy how I suddenly fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

To celebrate my first visit at the miraculous castle-like church in Simala Shrine Cebu, I bought this gold bracelet with five images of Mama Mary on it. I’m not a fan of bracelets, but this one is my very first favorite and I’ve been wearing it since then. Oh, and my brother surprised me with a customized chopsticks as a super advance birthday gift. How thoughtful of him!

As for some of the beauty products, my skincare concerns are hydration especially since I have a really dry skin for using retinol. I have always been so curious about Miniso skincare knowing that they are way much cheaper. When I got the chance to visit SM Seaside Cebu last month, I dropped by and bought the Lavender Hydrating Toner and Aloe Vera Hydrating Serum. They are by far my favorites because it’s a mild toner that doesn’t sting my face and the essence has been an absolute miracle for my drying skin.

This month, I really got into anime film/series particularly the Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma and Boku No Hero Academia! I have been in anime fever for a long time but it’s even more amazing to watch when you have someone who’s on the same level of love with anime like you do. My boyfriend and I finished the entire released seasons of both series. This year, we are looking forward for the new seasons coming up for some of the highest rated anime. And I am sooo excited!

As far as entertainment goes, I have been loving the songs of Alina Baraz. I have discovered her last year but in some weird ways, I got attached to her and never wanted to listen to anyone other than her. The serenity of her music just put me in a calm state whenever I’m having an anxiety.

Blog Highlights: Urbanchix ranked #51 on Feedspot’s List of Philippines Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow in 2020

On the last day before January has ended, I was surprised to received an email from Feedspot congratulating my blog, Urbanchix for making it on the list of Philippines Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow in 2020. Receiving this recognition is truly a great honor on my part because most of the blogs that made it to the list were highly established websites. Whether it’s legit or not, this still inspires me to create more content and share more of my thoughts and experiences through this blog to be able to inspire others as well.

January was a depressing month for the whole world but it started wonderful for me! I attended my cousin’s wedding in Cebu and few weeks later, I attended a surprise pamamanhikan of my other cousin. Then on the same week, I found out that I would be the maid of honor for the upcoming wedding of one of my closest friends in college which will be happening next month. Really, what’s up with all these weddings!

FEBRUARY 2020 Bucket List

  • Celebrate my 2nd Blogiversary. I started this blog 2 years ago, but been inactive for almost a year since I was still exploring WordPress then and thinking whether I’ll pursue it or not. Not planning anything special for it but I do think I should mark it in some ways because I never really thought that I’d be here this long!
  • Plan a Bridal Shower. She’s not probably gonna read this post, so I’m including this on my bucket list. I’m thinking of a staycation in a pajama party. I’d probably be in a busy mode this month if this pushes through.
  • Boyfriend meeting my family for the first time. It’s nerve-wracking! I don’t know how to do this thing, but just thinking about it, it makes my heart jump a little
  • DTI Registration for MK Studio. The graphic design studio has been running so well. It has enough clients to sustain its operational expenses every month and it has already given me additional cash for my personal expenses. I think it’s time to register it.

The first week of February passes by so quickly and we’re down to few more weeks. But it feels like, it has just started for me.

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