6 Essential Pairs of Shoes in My Wardrobe

I have always been the sneaker-type of woman growing up, but when I started working and can finally finance myself, I invested on footwear that I actually need. As someone who’s not fond of collecting, there’s no reason for me to buy so much excess. I also want to build a minimal wardrobe as possible and get staple pieces that I really love and can work with everything in my closet.  I am not a fashion enthusiast. I only love wearing comfortable pieces that I can wear several times no matter what the possible occasion.

This list that I put together are different style of shoes in my wardrobe that go with every piece of clothing that I own and we know that choosing a good shoes can make a difference in completing a look.

1. White/Black Sneakers

Sneakers, especially the white ones have become so trendy over the last few years even until today. This is such a nice option for a casual shoe. Although sneakers are great to wear with shorts, jeans, and leggings. I also like wearing them with a casual dress since I don’t like being too girly sometimes. And casual dress isn’t my style, so when I wear one, sneakers add up a more cute and cool personality. Every girl’s wardrobe needs a comfortable sneakers. It’s essential! So, who doesn’t have one anyways.

2. Ballerina Flats

This is probably the first girly shoes I’ve ever had in my closet ‘cuz my mom always bought me one. Until today, it’s still one of the most essential pair that I own. I can wear them with anything and still look feminine. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about buying ballet flats, it’s always getting a quality pairs of them because I use them a lot. Another tip if you’re buying your first pair, go for something semi-neutral and choose patterns that can be dressed up or down.

3. Basic Flat Sandals

I am used on wearing a rubber flip-flop to walk around the city. But there had been moments when I want to be simply fashionable as I go out, meet my friends, and do some quick errands. That is why I considered having a pair of basic flat sandals in my closet. Not just it’s comfortable to wear and can be worn with shorts and jeans, but it also looks great on photos especially during summer trips.

4. Low-Heeled Sandals/Block Heels

This is what they called the “walkable heels” that can also be fun to wear in a casual day and can be versatile enough to pair with anything. I finally decided to buy a pair because I got bored of wearing flat sandals. It’s perfect for those days when I want to look feminine and classy wearing only my jeans and shirt. I got the neutral color so that I can match it with any of my jeans and it also looks great with summer or casual dress and shorts.

5. Neutral Event Heels

I picked a pair in a shade that will match with as many of my formal wears and dresses as possible so that I have something to wear in a short notice event invitations. And for me, neutral and semi-neutral colors like white or black shade do not disappoint me. I had a couple of kitten heels way back that were already worn out because I wear them in almost literally every event that I go to. That’s how essential this pair for me is.

6. Nude/Black Pumps

The classic black pump is also really essential for any woman’s wardrobe especially for women who are in a corporate world. Personally, I like the pointed toe pair of pump because it looks classy compared to the round style. I own the Valentino black rock stud sequin dupe pump but I don’t use it anymore. Still, it’s in my closet for future work purposes. But if I would have to add one pump though, I’d probably get the neutral shade classic pump. I just realized that it’s a treasure to have.

In addition to what I already have in my wardrobe, I’m thinking of getting another style of shoes. Some aren’t probably necessary anymore, but I still want to. And here’s what I come up with:

  • Classic Loafers
  • Booties/Ankle Boots
  • Tall Boots
  • Metallic High Heels
  • Elegant Pageant Heels

My shoe essentials are very neutral because I have a minimal wardrobe, like most of the piece of clothing that I own are also in neutral colors.

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