Microneedling Treatment Healed My Deep Pitted Chickenpox Scars in Less than a Month

This common childhood virus that has left dark marks and deep pitted scars on my face a month ago is something that I would talk about endlessly. Because it just didn’t gave me a restless time to think & research about products that would heal the scars faster, but it really intensifies my pre-existing anxiety. Not to mention that it has also dragged my self-confidence to the lowest. I know I had to something about it immediately.

Chickenpox scars, especially the deep sunken ones, are honestly difficult to fade. But there are derma treatments that can minimize the appearance of these marks. This treatment can be costly but they are one of the most effective. Although, what works for one person might not work for another. Still, I guess there’s nothing wrong in considering this treatment if you’re like me who’s desperately wanting to have a clear skin again. The treatment I’m talking about is Microneedling.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a derma roller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. It is mostly used on the face and may treat and improve various conditions like scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, brown spots, pigment issues, and large pores. The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, and more toned skin.

The chickenpox virus has been infecting my body (especially my face) for 10 days and the lesions has completely dried off on the 21st day. The infection was severe that it has seriously damaged the outer layer of my skin. Three days after I’m fully recovered and not contagious anymore, I went to my usual derma clinic– the Ageless Aesthetic and Shoppe to have a checkup and I was advised to do the microneedling. I never hesitated because I know the effectiveness of this treatment and I trust my clinic.

You can see how deep the scar underneath my left eye. There’s also one on the right which is around 0.4mm wide.

Topical anesthetic was used to numb the scarred area of my face and it was pretty intense because the needle length used is I think the longest one which is 2.0 mm on the fastest speed. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure though but there’s a bit of sting when the topical anesthetic subsided. I was really surprised that I am beginning to see positive results as soon as one week after the first session.

Exactly two weeks later, I went to the second session of my Microneedling treatment and it wasn’t that intense anymore in needle length and speed because the scars were a bit flattened already. Second session is needed to regenerate more collagen and tissues to completely level it on the skin…hopefully.

I am really happy that the scar’s appearance has changed so much compared to the last couple of week. The result has been a bit faster in my case, maybe because the scars are a month old…it’s still fresh.

This is me two days after the second session.

Some FAQs about Microneedling

  • Is it painful? A minimal pain can be felt. But, you don’t need to worry because there will be a local anesthetic applied to the area of concern.
  • What will it look like after every session? You will notice redness and mild swelling for 24-48 hours and there will be a slight bruising. Inflammation of the skin is temporary and it will remain slightly red up to 48 hours.
  • How many treatments do I need? It depends because each patient condition determines the number of treatments that are needed.
  • What products should I use after treatment? For me, I only use aloe vera gel and suncreen.
  • How much it cost? The cost of the treatment will be discussed during the free consultation at Ageless Aesthetic & Shoppe.

You can watch my chickenpox experience here. I talked about its symptoms, prescribed medicines, dos & donts, and frequently asked questions about severe chickenpox in adults. Some viral infection also causes post-viral anxiety or depression to some people and this is how I overcome my emotional stress after getting infected.

What’s your experience on scar treatments? Let’s talk about it below.

8 thoughts on “Microneedling Treatment Healed My Deep Pitted Chickenpox Scars in Less than a Month

  1. Hello! Happy for you that you have recovered. Thank you for sharing this, it gives me hope because I had chickenpox a month ago. Now I have a few holes on my face which make me really depressed.
    Can you help share some pictures of your face’s skin and the result now after doing the microneedling for a few months?
    I went to the hospital last week for advice on my situation, but the doctor told me I needed to wait for 3-5 months to see how the holes recover, then they would see what they should do.

    I’m confused as I’m not sure if I should wait or if I should do the microneedling now for better result.
    I never had any scars on my face before and my self confidence is at a very low point. Appreciate your help since I need some hope to carry on.


    • Hi Celine! I’m sorry about what happened. I know how depressing that feels. I was really confused too on what to do at first, but I did my own research and took the risk hoping that it would work on me because I couldn’t watch myself on the mirror anymore. I’m actually drafting already my new post about an update of my microneedling treatment and I’ll be posting it within this week. For heads up, it’s been 4 months since I started the treatment and I had 4 sessions already. Most of the scars has already faded out but two of the worst deep pitted holes on my face aren’t that visible anymore.

      Btw, I went to a derma clinic I guess 3-5 days after I was advised by my doctor that I’m not contagious anymore because the lesions has completely dried off. I told the dermatologist that I want a scar treatment and I was offered to do a microneedling. I took the risk to do it right away while the scar tissues are still fresh so that the needle can penetrate on my skin well. I have my session done every two weeks or 2weeks and a half depending of how the scars are healing.

      As for my skincare, I’m only using an organic facial cleanser, aloe vera gel and a sunscreen. I don’t use any foundation or any makeup when I go out until today. Then I’m also taking a vitamin c and e supplements to help with cell regeneration.

      I think you should go visit a dermatologist as soon as possible while the scars are still fresh. It’s easy to treat new scars compared to the old ones. Old scars are one year old above.


      • Thank you for your answer and great to hear about your progress. I’m also confused with my derma’s advice. I think I will come to another clinic to give it a try. Longing to read your new post!


  2. Hello! Happy to hear about your recovery and the strength you showed. I am 29 and recovering from severe chickenpox I got a month back. It was the most traumatizing experience I have ever had. I survived but have really dark spots and holes on my face 😦

    I will be visiting derma as soon as I get some energy back. Can you tell me how long after the lesions dried off did you start your micro-needling treatment?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! 🙂 Thank you. It was really traumatizing for me too. I also had dark spots and deep holes on my face after the infection. I hope you can visit derma as soon as your lesions have dried off and if you’re not contagious anymore.

      In my case, my lesions has completely dried off in 21 days and 3days later, my doctor has confirmed to me that I’m not contagious anymore. I visited derma 5 days later and started microneedling treatment right away.


    • Heyy hello! Thank youuuu! I love sharing things that would hopefully help other girls to be more confident of themselves. Nakakawala ng confidence talaga yung scars eh 🙂


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