Falling Inlove With Siargao Slowly Then All At Once

Summer 2019 is very generous to me! A month after my Negros Experience, I went to another summer trip in Siargao and yehey, this time, I finally brought a sunblock with me. I feel like that was such an achievement ’cause I always tend to forget about it when I go to the beach. LOL!

Anyway, I’m born and raised in Mindanao but I totally admit that I haven’t explore the entirety of its paradise yet and I was mind blown to figure out that the mystic island of Siargao lies in here. Damn, I have already fallen inlove with it when I’ve seen it in a Filipino film. But I have fallen even more the moment I set foot on it.

What made me fall in love with Siargao is the realness of the island itself. You get to experience its authentic beauty from the nature to the people when you interact with them. You get to see how they genuinely live and how they just enjoy their lives to the fullest. The community there and all the people from different walks of life, different races, from all over the world, who visits there knows how to appreciate its beauty and you’ll be amazed how they seriously take care of it.

People who go there are not just tourists. They live like they are part of the island and I think that is beautiful.

You become a part of something big that when you go home, it’s like part of yourself has left on that island. That’s why I’m not surprised at all to hear stories about people who keeps on coming back and some have chosen to live there for good. Because why not? The island is like telling you to stay. Some people even say that extending a stay in Siargao is somewhat addicting. I didn’t know what that means until one morning, I thought about extending for another week and the next day, I found myself with the thought of staying there for a month. Insane!

When you’re in Siargao, the feels of being an islander surprises you. Everyday is a slow detachment of yourself from the city that you used to live on to and even from the technology itself.

I tell you, no phone services on the island. There are some areas with network services though just for a basic phone calls and messages, but you can’t barely connect to the internet which is the best and the true purpose of a vacation.

I mean, who needs an internet or social media when you wake up with a morning ocean view, hearing the birds chirping and the sound of the waves hitting on the beach, the food, the people, a music night and just socializing & having fun with strangers that feels like you’ve known them your whole life. You wouldn’t feel so alone because the island will accept you as you are. No pretense and all. You can truly be yourself and for me, that’s everything.

But a couple of days before the trip, I have already read guide articles & seen so many Youtube vlogs about things to do, food to eat, and places to visit in Siargao. That’s why I’m too hyped to do everything in three days. But I forgot all about it when I got there. What I felt is honestly sensational and my experiences has exceeded my expectations. I can go on and on writing about its beauty, but no words can really describe it. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF AND ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF IT WHILE YOU’RE THERE!

2 thoughts on “Falling Inlove With Siargao Slowly Then All At Once

    • YEEESS! THERE ARE LOTS! OMG! And I can’t wait for you to see and experience it. I still get so excited when I talk about Siargao hahaha thinking of visiting again soon :)) Thank you for following back pretty, btw.


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