Negros Experience: Exploring a Mangrove Forest in the Island of Suyac

On that same day, after basking under the sun of a huge white sandbar in Carbin Reef, the island hopping continued and ended on the forest beach of Suyac Mangrove Eco Park. It’s just a 10-minute boat ride from the Carbin Reef to the island of Suyac, still situated in Sagay, Negros Occidental.

These are unfiltered photos of the welcome board of Suyac and look at that background view, the sky literally meets the sea. I’m like, “Oh God, thank you for bringing my lovely soul on places like this.” It’s really beautiful and also, not too crowded.

So from here, you’d walk on a manmade pathway to the entrance of the mangrove forest where you’ll pay an entrance fee. I’ve heard that you need to do a reservation here. I just don’t have any idea where to do that. It’s their way to control the number of tourists to go in and out of the forest because it’s huge in there, like, you really have to walk through in on a wooden bridges to get to the cottages.

You will even pass through hundred year old Mangrove trees and if you’re lucky enough, you get to see flying bats. Amazing, huh!

There are cottages just before the end of the eco park but it’s nice if you can reserve the ones where you can see the vast ocean because honey, it isn’t just instagrammable out there, but it feels like you’re in Indonesia, my friend. Though, I haven’t been in Indonesia myself LOL! When I first got there, it’s the first place that I thought of.

I mean…

Yep, that’s it!

It was around 9am when we got here that’s why the water is low when this photo was taken but it started going higher after an hour and a half. There’s a ladder down to the water so you can take a dip & swim but I tell you, the sun’s crazy. DO NOT FORGET YOUR SUNSCSREEN. Because I did.

We stayed here until lunch and then packed up and went home at around 2pm. I even took a nap after dipping for a while (ok I lied, after taking the above photo) because my skin is starting to feel prickly. So, do not forget to put on a sunscreen. Okay? Okay.

I like naps where you can hear the breeze of the sea, smell the salty wind, and feel it on your skin. No WiFi. Just you, the sea, and the wind. I couldn’t live here, though because of the bats. LOL! Oh sht, I almost forgot. They also serve delicious sea foods. What is vacation without sumptuous meal, right?

Btw, here’s an unsolicited selfie of me before taking a nap.

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