Loving The Skin That You’re Confident To Have

Most Filipinos are born with nut-brown skin. But in a society where white skin is branded beautiful, it has taught us not to be proud of having it. Although there are some celebrities and influencers like Nadine Lustre, Maggie Wilson, and Rei Germar to name a few, who are embracing their morena skin and has been using their platform to voice out to make others love their own skin too, well, there are still many who wanted to take risks in whitening products to achieve a white and fairer skin.

And I couldn’t blame them. Because being born with having a dark skin tone myself have taken that risk, too. I have had gluta drips because I wanted to correct some dark areas of my body due to excessive sun exposure during my childhood years that hasn’t got off since. I also often spend a good part of my day outdoors that’s why I thought it’s the best and fastest way to have a two shades lighter skin tone and to make it even. And it worked. Since the start of the year, I have never gotten whitening drips anymore. I’m just taking extra care of the skin I’m in now.

Seeing myself again on this color is somewhat overwhelming. I never actually intended to achieve this tone because I just really forgot to put on a sunscreen during the island hopping that I did in Negros Province (read the 1st & 2nd part here) But it turned out really beautiful. I love it.

It will take a while for some people to be comfortable in their own skin because of society shaming it. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with being dark. But there is also nothing wrong with people who wanted to have a lighter skin. I guess, we just need to learn to respect each other’s differences and choices in life. No matter what the reason is for embracing morena skin or wanting to get whiter skin, we are still talking about confidence. So, why not uplift each other.

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