Negros Experience: Basking Under the Sun of a Huge White Sandbar in Carbin Reef

Sooo, I finally got the chance to take a breather and the province of Negros Occidental is the first place that I was able to visit. Thank God, it’s already summer. Although this was just a side trip, the experience was unbelievably amazing. I wasn’t expecting this trip at all, but I’m sooo happy that I did experience it.

It was Friday when we visited this beautiful island of Carbin Reef situated in Sagay, Negros Occidental. It has been said that it is Sagay’s Marine Reserve so it’s a protected area of the Philippines. No wonder, it’s such a beaut! OMG! It is bare and uninhabited island made of heaven. I mean if you look at it, honey, no need for filters.

The island is nothing more than a sandbar. Although there are few cottages built for rentals ( I think), but it’s also okay if you’ll just drop in, feel the sand on your toes & just enjoy yourself basking under the sun. If you love nature, you’ll appreciate the untouched beauty of Carbin Reef.

We were there at around 8 in the morning & the sun was crazy hot, not to mention I forgot to put on a sunscreen. That’s why I had a very painful sunburn the next day.

I love how they have a signboard like this. You can trick people. LOL!

Oh, and Carbin Reef is best experienced when snorkeling because even with a shallow water, there are lotsa corals and fishes to see. You just need to bring your own gears, though.

My sunburns are sooo worth it!


3 thoughts on “Negros Experience: Basking Under the Sun of a Huge White Sandbar in Carbin Reef

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