How Djing Has Made Me Focus On My Life Priorities

I am taking my time off from this industry even though I’ve been in it for less than a year. It’s not much of an experience. Some people would probably say that I’m still on the tip of an iceberg I haven’t seen the entirety of it yet. Yes that’s true, but hey, just like life, DJing has its own seasons that come and go. If you aren’t doing this full-time, your family, your career, and other stuff will take precedence and that’s okay. And in my case, it’s perfectly okay! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I had so much fun and I owe it big time to the people who gave me countless of chances to do better and numerous gigs to prove myself on stage. I may not spend a lot of time behind the decks anymore, but I still find myself counting beats and thinking of great tracks to play. It’s just that, values and priorities change as you grow, you know. I seriously pursued a passion, and while I didn’t achieve the conventional definition of “success” in that passion, I gained self knowledge that continues to help me work towards other goals more efficiently. I learned how to better examine my motivations, and was thereby able to better identify what I should focus my time and energy on.


This realization helped me clarify my values and preferences– I value my health, having a (somewhat) normal sleep schedule, and having weekends/evenings free to spend with friends and family.

I don’t view my experience with DJing as a failure, but rather an invaluable time of learning and personal growth. Of course, there are goals I abandoned, but we are human and sometimes our priorities shift for the better. I still have a decent amount  of my DJing hobby left and love to imagine playing at home like I’m in an event, but it is no longer my focus.  Music is still a dominant force in my life, and I’ve started to focus more on things that matters most. My side hustle income has diminished, but my health, happiness, and focus is at an all time high.

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