Revisiting the Crystal Clear Water of Piñahon Island

I have a lot of reasons why I love this islet and it’s probably gonna be the same reasons why you want to include this on your next trip. Aside that it’s located on the same place where I was born at, you would surely love its natural beauty and crystal clear water. It has always been this beautiful but I never get to appreciate it before like I do today. Revisiting this place brings a lot of childhood memories and that nostalgic feeling– it’s where me and my family always spent our holidays when I was still a kid &I was pretty surprised that it looks even more stunning.


I’m happy that I got to visit Pinahon Island again because even if it’s just a few kilometres away from home, I never get to go here anytime I want to. This is a beautiful islet, I would say, but not that worth it if you would come from farthest places of the Philippines, like Luzon. Honestly, it hasn’t been fully developed yet. There are only few rooms to accommodate you and it isn’t convenient as you would think it would be. I think there has no electricity, too if you like staying overnight.

But then, if you’re traveling to actually experience places even if it’s not that convenient for you, you can find solitude on this islet & for me, it’s a great place to contemplate and take a breather from the hassle of the city.

By the way, this is the islet at 5:30PM when it’s low tide.

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