3 Things That You Need To Experience at Samou Bingsu Café

Korean-inspired café is a trend. I am not surprise that there’s a newest one opening in Dipolog City. I am talking about the Samou Bingsu Cafe — it’s a korean-shaved ice dessert cafe located at General Luna Strest, Dipolog City.

What I love about korean inspired cafés is that all stuff are cute and you’ll find it distressing because they always have this really nice decorations which is very pleasing in the eyes, pastel colors in the wall and almost everything, in every corner, is instagrammable. We all want that!

We are all gonna love this newest korean shaved iced dessert cafe. Here’s a list of the best things that you need to experience at Samou Bingsu Cafe.

1. Ball Pit Area

Sweetie, do not leave this place if you haven’t experience to dive on their ball pit area. THIS IS THE FIRST IN DIPOLOG CITY, so you really have to try it and it is my most favorite here in Samou Bingsu Cafe. It just literally make your kiddie heart happy and can relieve stress, too. Perfect for people who got their heart broken. HAHA When you’re in here, trust me, you’ll realize you won’t be needing a man, just yourself drowned under thousands of these balls. 😂

You will get to experience this for PHP50.00 in every 30 minutes, both for kids and adults. I suggest, you go here with your squad barkadas because they’re allowing a maximum of 4 persons to dive in here. Oh, did I mention that it’s the most instagrammable area of the place? YES IT DEFINITELY IS!

Kids should be accompanied by an adult for security reasons.

2. Onesies Character Costume

You can be a character that you love for once! I got to say that I was soooo cute when I was a pink stitch. HAHA I had to dive back in the ball pit area to take lots of photos of myself. Lol! You will miss half of your experience here in Samou Bingsu Cafe if you will not try this one.

Here’s your guide in choosing Onesies because it really depends on your height.

  • Kids – 3’5 to 4’8
  • Tween – 4’9 to 5’3
  • Adult – 5’4 to 6’0

Don’t worry they have lots of characters available for Onesies. You can use this one for PHP50.00 in every 30minutes.

Tip: I suggest you go dive right in the ball pit area while wearing Onesies as you wait for your order to be served so that you can experience both in 30minutes for PHP100.00. Plus, Onesies are really cute when you take photo of it in the ball pit area.


Of course, you are not just going to go there to have fun. Samou Bingsu Café do not claimed itself as a korean shave iced dessert for nothing. So, you really have to try their Bingsu dessert, too. It’s like halu-halo in the Philippines but the crushed ice is the milk. Haha okay that doesn’t sound right. What I mean, instead of the regular ice, which is just a water, they had the milk frozen and it’s what they gonna crush and use it for your dessert.

Don’t worry they have lots of flavours to choose from. They have blueberry, strawberry, coffee, mango, and oreo flavors. Each has different toppings and it only cost for PHP119.00 per order. My favorite is the mango! You’ll know why if you try it. 😊

They are open every Monday to Sunday, 10AM – 9PM. Like their Facebook page here to be subscribed on their latest updates. 🙂

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