Why You Should Invest More in Skincare Than Makeup

There are two kinds of people in this world. Some prefer to use makeup to cover up all their skin problems and some prefer to spend on skincare products for a smooth canvas for their makeup. I used to walk around in makeup stores on the hunt for a better foundation or concealer. I’d lather anything on my skin in hopes to look more clear and radiant. Yet each time, I found myself only being satisfied with the product for a short time. Where is this magic product that is going to change my skin? I always thought to myself why I would always depend on cosmetics to look great on photos. And then when I started to give importance to my skin, I realized, having healthy and beautiful skin is a great element to achieve that perfect selfie.

Here is my opinion on why it is important to invest in a proper skincare routine and really put effort into choosing skincare products rather than getting the latest limited edition cosmetics.

I love makeup. I’m at a point where I feel naked without at least wearing lipstick. Makeup can transform, makeup can boost confidence, and makeup can highlight some of our best features because makeup is supposed to be just a tool in enhancing your looks, not cover everything. Do not let cosmetics cover all the flaws because you’re only using it to enhance your features. But with all of that said, I’ve been getting a lot more invested in the power of skincare than the power of makeup. I believe that having a good skin makes most makeup products work easier on your skin. Don’t you agree?

Who wants to look older than their real age, right? So neglecting your skin care can age your skin. Using a lot of makeup and not bothering about skincare can lead to clogged pores, pigmentation, acne and wrinkles in the long run. Of course, again, makeup can temporarily cover that problem but it won’t help the skin in the long run so there is a need to use different targeted products to help combat the sign or aging and other skin problems. Even makeup can’t cover up wrinkles.

I think investing in using proper skincare products is more important than buying lots of makeup product because to tell you the truth, I am just one lazy bum and rather go out bare face than having to put on layers of foundation before I am able to go out. It is always best to start having a proper skincare routine before problems start to arise. Most people start using makeup early but then do not have a proper skincare routine thus the skin problems later. It  doesn’t mean using the whole lot of 20 products but a simple skincare routine such as cleanser, moisturizer, serum and sunblock are really important to save the trouble later in life.

Here’s my additional skin care tips:

1. Never EVER wear your makeup to bed. I don’t care how tired, lazy, or drunk you are.
2. Always wash your face when you wake up and before bed.
3. Sunscreen! Your mom told you, your doctor told you, now I’m telling you… wear your sunscreen!
4. Clean your brushes- once a week or every other week

So how about you? Which do you prefer, spending on skincare products or makeup? INVEST ON YOUR SKINCARE TODAY!

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Invest More in Skincare Than Makeup

  1. I definitely agree! As much as I love my makeup, it has to play well with the skincare and if something goes wrong when I layer it, I’ll prioritise the skincare over the makeup! X


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